Summer is off to a flying start over a large part of France, where the first days of July promise to be warm and sunny.

Saturday, July 2, the weather will be fine throughout France, and we expect up to 36°C in the South.

So, to make the hot weather more bearable, many French people are already planning to spend their weekends by the beach. But where will it be warmest in the water? In our slideshow, discover the 21 beaches where you can bathe in the sun this weekend.

It is especially along the Bay of Biscay and on the shores of the Mediterranean that the weather will be the most summery on Saturday.

On the Channel and North Sea side, some clouds are to be expected, but the sea should remain calm. The water temperature should rise to 17°C, specifies Le Figaro Nautisme. If you are too chilly, you can still stay on the sand to brown: the UV index will be high (8).

Further south, on the other hand, you can get into the water much more easily! We expect up to 27°C on the Aquitaine beaches, where the water should be close to 20°C.

On the Côte-d’Azur, protect yourself from the sun, which will hit hard. It will be up to 35°C on the sand, and the water temperature will approach 25°C.

The UV index could reach 10.

Sunday, on the other hand, the weather will be slightly more unstable, especially on the Atlantic coast, where thunderstorms could even break out at the end of the day. A watchword, therefore: enjoy your summer Saturday!