While the French are barely emerging from a heat wave, another could well show the tip of its nose more quickly than expected… This week should indeed come to break with the heat wave of the beginning of August. However, this respite is not expected to last, and another heat wave is expected again for the week of August 22-28.

According to La Chaîne Météo, this year, “Western Europe and France are in the grip of a huge, unbreakable subtropical anticyclone, which only lets through a few cold drops like this week, bringing heavy stormy rains occasional.”

If a week like the one we are starting should be beneficial, unfortunately it will not be enough to reverse the drought which has reached particularly worrying levels in France.

Indeed, it is the whole territory, which is placed on drought alert. The Ministry of Ecology has even classified 74 departments at the “crisis” threshold, i.e. the highest level of vigilance.

According to meteorologists, the chances of seeing this scenario come true are rather high given the stability of weather models for several days. In some regions, temperatures could even exceed 40°C and nights could be hot, especially in cities.

However, some French people should be lucky enough to escape this new heat wave. However, the phenomenon should still affect the majority of France, although each region should not suffer it with the same intensity.

Discover in our slideshow the temperature that it will be at home during this new wave of strong heat, according to the forecasts of La Chaîne Météo on August 15, 2022.