Caution ! This afternoon, a very large part of the territory could be hit by thunderstorms, more or less violent.

On the program: heavy, unstable weather, heavy thunder and downpours locally.

Météo France thus places all the departments of the metropolis on vigilance this morning: 91 in yellow, and 5 on orange vigilance.

The Weather Channel, for its part, lists 25 departments at risk.

The consequence of a cold drop, coupled with a Mediterranean episode, which seems to have hit France since the start of the week.

On Wednesday, thunderstorms and showers are likely to increase in intensity, and major flooding is to be feared, especially in Occitania, in the Rhône valley and west of the Côte-d’Azur.

“This is the most critical day of this episode”, announces the Weather Channel.

The situation should be “strongly stormy over France and in particular in the south of the country where violent thunderstorms are expected, with very high intensities of rain, locally hail and also strong gusts of wind”, specifies for its part. Meteo France.

In our slideshow, discover the departments where the storms will be the most violent and where the risk of flooding is the greatest.**

After rain the good weather ? Alas, the disturbances are likely to last until the end of the week: but they will be much less intense. We expect, at most, wind and clouds on Thursday August 18, as well as a few localized thunderstorms. On Friday, the sun will begin a timid return, before another heat wave next week…

** according to the bulletins of Météo France and the Weather Channel on 08/17/2022 at 8 a.m.