Wasps: 7 smells they hate


Wasps, mosquitoes, hornets… If summer is the season of sun, beaches and holidays, it is also the time of year that is most conducive to the development of insects that can sometimes be annoying on a daily basis.

Indeed, high temperatures tend to favor the multiplication of nests and therefore of pests who wish to enjoy our barbecue without an invitation.

Some of them, such as bees, wasps or hornets, inspire real fear in some people who can sometimes lose their means in the face of this type of insect. This uncontrollable fear is called apiphobia and can be disabling in summer, when outdoor meals are increasing, to the delight of these little beasts with a sharp stinger.

Among these different insects, the wasp particularly inspires fear because it is more common than the hornet and more virulent than the bee. Fortunately, there are several basic tips to be able to keep them as far away as possible when having a barbecue, for example, as reported by Soluty, a specialized website.

While wasps are attracted to a number of things, there are also smells that they hate and which can therefore repel them. Discover them in our slideshow.