Parallel to electric scooters wants to rules the Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer, the use of hover boards, Skateboards with electric motor and similar vehicles. “We will make an exception to this regulation for vehicles with no steering rod or holding rod,” said the CSU politician. Open is so far about where these devices are then allowed to drive around on the bike path or sidewalk. The regulation should be developed with scientific support. So far, these vehicles are prohibited on public roads and Paths.

For E-Scooter, i.e. an electric scooter with steering, had Scheuer submitted a draft regulation, to take the associations position and is currently being finalized. “The vehicles with the steering or tie rod to get an insurance sticker. So far, there was no insurance,“ said Scheuer. “Otherwise, the traffic participant would be without insurance protection. We want to enable new forms of Mobility, of course, with reason, protection and a sense of proportion.“

Allows the E-Scooter with a maximum speed of 20 kilometers per hour. You need to be driven on the bike path and are only allowed to be on the road when no bike lane is there. A helmet is not planned. To drive an E-Scooter to the Public, you have to be according to the plans in the future for at least 15 years of age and have a Moped license. Anyone who has a different driving license for cars, you must acquire any Extra licence.

“bone crushers”

the next step for the regulation for the mandatory notification to the European Commission and forwarded to the Federal Council. Thus, the regulation can be expected to come in the spring of 2019. The smaller devices without the handlebar should be able to be driven on the exemption regulation also in the first half of 2019 legal. An exception to this regulation does not have to agree with the Federal Council, therefore, sets procedures relatively quickly.

With a view to possible E-Scooter rentals, as in other cities warned Scheuer: “In cities, such as Paris or Madrid, you can see what happens: A rental bike you must put it correctly, the rent E-scooters are often chucked on the sidewalk. This leads to real clashes with pedestrians or cyclists.“