Philippe Etchebest and his wife Dominique: here is the couple’s photo album


A key figure in the kitchen, chef Philippe Etchebest is one of the most popular with the French. At the head of several establishments in Bordeaux, his face is also familiar from the small screen. After a remarkable appearance in his debut with Maïté, he became a host and juror in flagship programs such as Cauchemar en cuisine, Top Chef and Objectif Top Chef on M6.

Renowned for his outspokenness and his memorable bloodshed, Philippe Etchebest is wiser when he talks about his personal life. On a daily basis, the star chef can count on the support of his wife Dominique, who helps him in his work. Their meeting took place in a market in Toulouse in the mid-1990s.

“She is brunette, pretty, the daughter of a butcher. Philippe brings her chocolate roses made by him”, details Le Parisien in a portrait dedicated to the chef in 2020. A rather conclusive flirting technique for Philippe Etchebest who invites his sweetheart to a date… at McDonald’s. “I made an appointment with my wife at McDonald’s. We drank a coffee, we did not have lunch, but it was our meeting point”, he said during his visit to C to You on France 5. “I did not know her, I arrived with a small bouquet of chocolate roses and there, packed, it is weighed”, according to comments relayed by Here.

In 1998, Philippe Etchebest married his wife Dominique. The man who became Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 2000, adopted their son Oscar-Louis with his wife in Mexico in 2003. Discreet about their family life, the couple complement each other perfectly in their careers. “She is my agent, my assistant, my adviser … She also manages the stewardship and administration of all our projects”, he assured Télé-Loisirs.

Always with our colleagues, his wife Dominique revealed what he liked most about his personality. “What I find incredible about him are his values. He is not macho. He considers me his equal and is very attentive to my point of view”, confessed this woman engaged alongside her husband in all the daily trials.

After more than 25 years of love, the Etchebest spouses are happier than ever. The opportunity for the starred chef to reveal a few rare personal photos on social networks. Here is an anthology of their couple photo album below.