Watch out for the wasp! Favorable weather conditions for this insect allowed it, from March, to proliferate easily in France. Consequence: relatively large nests and many more wasps. No doubt possible for Nicolas Dieval, the general manager of the company DKM, expert specialist in disinsectization: “It is a general trend that we observe at the national level”, can we read in the columns of the media La Voix du Nord .

This is because the winter was particularly mild. Eric Darrouzet, of the Insect Biology Research Institute and researcher at the University of Tours, reports in the newspaper that usually, “90% of future queens usually die during the winter due to the cold. or for lack of stored food.”

But coupled with a “very dry” spring, the reproduction of this black and yellow striped insect was easy. The professionals interviewed by The Independent have also titled 2022 “the year of the wasp”, because there are many interventions this year.

If you do get bitten, here’s what to do, according to Le Guide Santé:

However, prevention is better than cure. The slideshow below presents 10 natural tips from grandmother to keep wasps away, according to the media