After a suspected bomb attack on an AfD-office in the middle Saxon Chub on Thursday evening, the police arrested in the night of Friday, three suspects. The 29, 32, and 50-year-old men had been charged after an intensive manhunt in the city, said the spokeswoman for the land criminal police office of Saxony, Kathlen zinc. All three of the German state were members, you would have heard in the course of Friday, investigators of the Police of terrorism and extremism in the defence centre (PTAZ), and depending on the outcome also taken into custody. Not wanted a motive, and the affiliation of the perpetrator to a political spectrum, and also to the type of the explosive device, the investigators comment on Friday.

Stefan Locke

a correspondent for Saxony and Thuringia, based in Dresden.

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The evidence so far suggests that an Explosion, no one was hurt, the Aden but “significant damage to the door, on the roll and on the window pane” caused occurred at about 19.30 in front of the in the station road nearby and from one country tags, as well as a Bundestag Deputy of the AfD shared office. In the office the promotional material had caught fire, and was able to delete the fire quickly, in addition, two neighboring houses and two before that time-parked transporters had been damaged. “This is a new Dimension of violence”, said zinc. Although had increased in the past few months, politically-motivated attacks on AfD-offices in the whole of Saxony, it was the casts which color bag to facades or flash bangers in letter boxes traded. In Dobeln, however, the perpetrators would have taken aware that individuals could be injured or even killed.

politician of the SPD and the CDU condemn the attack strongly condemned

Saxony Minister of the interior, Roland woeller (CDU), the stop is sharp. “We have to do it here with a whole new quality of violence against representatives of the policy.” Violence, however, is not a means of political struggle, no matter against whom and what they teach. “The state will not tolerate this and with all the hardness and the legal means to challenge them.” At the same time, woeller praised the rapid search success of its officials. The fast integration of the task force on violent crime of the land criminal police office and the Exeter police have proven to be the right. Also in Saxony, Deputy Prime Minister Martin Dulig (SPD), condemned the fact that there is no “legitimacy”. “The AfD must politically be fought and not with explosives,” wrote Dulig on Twitter. “This attack will help the AfD and is detrimental to the democracy.”

The Chairman of the Saxon AfD-country Association, Jörg Urban, classified the attack as terrorism and called on the attorney General to take over the investigation. “The left-wing violence in Saxony getting worse,” said Urban. The attack in Chub was already the fourth within five days of an AfD office in Saxony; since the Parliament catchment in August 2014, there have been a total of 80 attacks on offices and private homes of AfD members. After the state election in 2014, the violence against politicians in office had increased in the state by leaps and bounds. Most of the political crimes established in the year 2015 the LKA, against the facilities of the CDU, then the Left and the AfD followed on a par; in the years after the violence had subsided significantly. Well that is flaring up now in the run-up to the parliamentary elections in September again.