In the United States for the first time, a Transgender Boxer in a professional fight in the Ring has risen and has won the battle. The 33-year-old Patricio Manuel won on Saturday in the Californian city of Indio against the Mexican Hugo Aguilar. Manuel rank, its competitors from the super low flying weight-class in four rounds and won on points.

“For nothing in the world I would change all of that, what I said had to do in order to achieve this”, Manuel the newspaper “Los Angeles Times”. “It was worth it, because now I’m a professional boxer.” The 33-Year-old had started Boxing as a woman and was on the way to qualifying for the Olympic games in London 2012. A shoulder injury prevented him participating in the qualifying fight.

Then began a Manuel with the sex change. For this, he underwent hormone treatment and surgery. However, he had to wait until 2016 to get than man a license as a professional boxer. Manuel’s first opponent had discovered the way of the 33-Year-old, according to his own words only two days before the fight. “I have a lot of respect for what he has done,” said Aguilar. “This changes nothing for me, if we are in the Ring, we both want the same thing, victory.”