How do I tell my child How to recognize sexism
How do I tell my child How to recognize sexism

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Julia Bähr

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this week there was great excitement to an awards ceremony. The Norwegian Ada Hegerberg was awarded as the best footballer in the world, and as a first: This price have otherwise always get only men. Now there is just the world’s best footballers and the world’s best footballer. And then the Moderator said something pretty Embarrassing: He asked you on stage, whether you twerk, so a sexy dance might perform. Ada Hegerberg said no, but many people were upset then, because this question was so sexist. And others asked, why it is sexist. What exactly is sexism, don’t know so many adults. There are also always men, the whine: “What are you allowed to say today at all, or do? Everything will be construed as a sexist.“

but there is a very simple basic rule: You recognize a sexist statement that a man would never get to hear. In the case of Ada Hegerberg it is a fact that several men were excellent, and none of them was asked to dance sexy. Sexism always has to do with the expectations placed on women usually, and with the prejudices of the women against will apply. In the case: A woman must be pretty and sexy, so that men have what look to. So the dance here, but time for us. That it is actually a question that Ada Hegerberg is a great Athlete – this is the joy that took away the Moderator in the Moment, because he reduced them to the expectations of the men you have.

But sexism is not necessarily what’s Sexy-and certainly not with Sex. It’s mostly the fact that women are not taken seriously. So, if a man says: “Oh, yeah, woman Parking, the intended extra-large, because women can’t Park, you know.” Then he says that women, just because they are women, slightly worse than him, just because he is a man. This is, of course, first total nonsense, and secondly, really outrageous. Or if someone says: “We are talking here about politics, but since we invite any women that are only interested in shoes and hairstyles.” This is not only nonsense, and rude, but women also keeps targeted by important discussions.

so If you want to be on the safe side, that manifests itself sexist, we can say simply think: Would I to a man? Also to a man who is bigger and stronger than me? Then such phrases as “Well, drop what you’re doing in your pretty little head thought up” very quickly.

There is, incidentally, a discussion about whether there is sexism only by men against women. On the one hand, Yes, because sexism is only when the dominant devalues the end of sex is the oppressed sex. Now you can argue about how women are oppressed today in Germany – but you can’t argue that men women have dealt with for thousands of years as second-class people, and that you feel it today, especially in these sexist Remarks. Women are allowed to vote in Germany in the first place for a hundred years and only in the last forty years to decide whether you want to have a Job. That comes from this oppression within a few years, then, that all are treated equally well, is clear. But of course, this is exactly the goal, and every time a man says something Sexist to a woman, he shows it: We take the value still is not serious, you’re less. That is why it hurts so bad.

Reverse sexism could never have this scope, because of the ugly history. Proverbs in this direction come from exactly the same reason, significantly less. But, and this is very important: It is not okay when a woman reduces a man to their prejudices about him. So if, for example, a woman says: “men have no idea how to deal with children who know cars.” On the other hand, one should not be surprised, of course, is that women see children’s education as their area to defend, if men have traditionally held from the world of work.