Summer weather 2022: what is the best day of the week for you?


Torrential rains, heat records, unprecedented drought, violent storms… This summer 2022 is marked by very worrying climatic episodes. A few weeks ago, meteorologist Patrick Marlière spoke in the columns of, in particular to regret a “really exceptional situation throughout France”.

“We have already had an exceptional month of June with already heat strokes and above all extremely violent storms and hailstorms that we had never seen (…) the forecasts announced a month of very hot July with heat waves, which we had, and this month of July 2022 will certainly be the driest month of July ever measured in meteorology”, articulated the forecaster.

Unfortunately, August 2022 does not escape this logic since heat waves punctuated the first two weeks of the month, then giving rise to major storms in France.

For the week of August 22 to 28, 2022, La Chaîne Météo announces a sharp rise in temperatures – without reaching the thresholds of a heat wave – as well as the return of good weather.

“Uncertainty remains on a possible stormy evolution in the middle of the week from the west: this would avoid having too much heat and the specter of a new heat wave on the scale of France does not is not yet acquired”, specifies the site specialized in meteorology.

What day will the weather be the best for you, the week of August 22? Check it out in our slideshow below. The information provided is based on Météo France forecasts for August 19, 2022 at 3 p.m. and is subject to change.