A high-ranking Venezuelan military officer has been on the side of opposition leader Juan Guaidó. “Today, I speak to the people of Venezuela and especially to my brothers in the army, to President Juan Guaidó to recognise as the only legitimate President,” said Jose Luis Silva, the military attaché at the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington on Saturday in a Video. He told the news Agency Reuters on the phone, he recognized the head of state, Nicolás Maduro and wool free and fair elections. Guaidó welcomed in a Twitter message, the step of Silva’s, and encouraged others to follow his examples.

meanwhile, the United States and Venezuela were working on a redesign of their mutual diplomatic relations. Venezuelan leader Maduro moved his 72-hour Ultimatum to American diplomats to Leave the country. Venezuela and the United States talked about “interest groups” in the two countries, said Maduro on Saturday during a televised speech. The negotiations had already begun, the representations of interest should be furnished within 30 days.

Maduro refers to Cuba-model

It was a question of representatives “with a Minimum of personnel,” said Maduro and referred to a similar model, which “worked for many years in Cuba”. Cuba and the United States had to get up to the re-opening of their embassies in 2015, a Minimum of relations with such stakeholders in an upright position.

Maduro had announced on Wednesday first, the severance of diplomatic relations with the Americans, after the government in Washington had recognized the President of Parliament Guaidó as interim President. Guaidó had previously declared himself interim President. On Thursday, Maduro ordered the closure of the American Embassy and American consulates on Venezuelan territory and called on the diplomats to leave the country within 72 hours. Guaidó requested, however, the American diplomats to Stay. The government in Washington, said Maduro the authority to the diplomatic relations finish, pulled, however, be available as a non-essential classified staff.