Hydro-Québec has chosen seven renewable energy production projects totaling 1,300 megawatts following two calls for tenders launched in 2021. The average price of these new supplies is 6.1 cents per kilowatt hour.

Hydro-Québec itself, in its electricity production activities, is one of the successful bidders following this call for tenders. It will supply 159 megawatts of the total requested in the 480 megawatt call for tenders for renewable energy from all sources. The other projects selected are wind farms located in eastern Quebec and in the Mégantic region.

Two other wind projects totaling 302 megawatts were selected in the 300 megawatt call for tenders reserved for this energy source. These are projects submitted by EDF Renewable Energy and Algonquin Power Trust, with their partners. The wind turbines will be manufactured by Vestas and Enercon.

The promoters of the seven winning bids following the two calls for tenders will contractually commit to supplying electricity to Hydro-Québec no later than December 1, 2026. The average price of these new supplies, at 6.1 cents the kilowatt-hour, does not include the transmission and distribution of electricity to its consumer.