as A professional player, in tears, said goodbye to his 2 million followers. The 17-year-old Stage, Jarvis may not have more Fortnite will play after he is caught red-handed in cheating. “I could never have done this if I had known that I would be severely punished, it would be the same,” he says of the six-minute-long video.

Jarvis Kaye (17), it is to be a professional gamer, which are the days to fill the games on Fortnite, but the British teenager will have a different way of making money to. He has been banned, and the game will never play it, he told his 2 million followers on YouTube. “I’m so sorry,” he says in the video.

Further, Jarvis, are name in gaming, has cheated, and has therefore been banned. He was using ‘aimbots’, which is to make sure that your shot without good aim, as in the non-competitive version of the game. “Never been in a competitive relationship,” he insists. “It was a big mistake, and it’s all my fault. I don’t know what I thought of it myself. Cheating is a terrible thing.”

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