In the snowy Alps, died at the weekend at least five people. Three skiers from southern Germany, arrived in the Austrian Lech under an avalanche killed a fourth of the group was missing on Sunday afternoon. In the case of an avalanche blast in the French Alps, two piste workers were killed. The men plied on Sunday, with explosives, as it came out of initially unknown cause for the Explosion.

The four fellow skiers from the South of Germany had travelled for a ski trip to Lech, and on Saturday, according to the information on a locked ski route on the road. Three men aged 32, 36 and 57 years, were rescued late Saturday night dead. The men from the area of Biberach in Baden-Württemberg were wearing an avalanche Airbag, which had also risen. Nevertheless, they were buried so deep beneath the masses of Snow, that choked.

The search for a 28-year-old Missing persons was set on Sunday until further notice. Due to the heavy snow if it would be for the rescue workers too dangerous, – said Lech mayor Ludwig Muxel on Sunday afternoon. There is no time window with better weather is in sight.