Trump to impeachment: I think the people would rebel


The American President Donald Trump makes himself according to his own words, no Worries about a looming impeachment proceedings. “It is difficult to accuse someone who has done nothing wrong and has created the largest economic boom in the history of our country,” Trump said of the news Agency Reuters on Tuesday in an Interview at the White house. “I’m not worried, no. I think that the people would rebel, if that were to happen.“

To said the much-anticipated freestyle of a new chief of staff for the White house Trump, he will have ten to twelve candidates to choose from. He could fill the Post quickly, if he wanted to. But he was not in a hurry. The ratio of Trumps to his former chief of staff John Kelly is distraught, Kelly is to retire at the end of the year. “I have at least ten, twelve people, who had the Post of scary,” said Trump. “There are great people, and I will make my choice.”

The arch-conservative force members from the state of North Carolina, Republican Mark Meadows, is a great guy. This is to meet but also to his former campaign consultant, Dave Bossie, the stand is also on the list of candidates. Trump did not recognize, who is his favorite. “Everyone wants the Item. Who does not want to belong to the few top people in Washington?“, the President asked. “You three would take that Job, too,” he said, referring to the three journalists who interviewed him. “I have so many candidates that I can’t run with all the interviews.” He was in search of someone with whom he got along really well. “Someone who has similar ideas as I do. The backs of my ideas and their realization. This is not to say that these ideas cannot be questioned,“ said Trump. “People would be surprised to hear that, but I like to be challenged.”