The trade unions and the employers ‘ organisations want to have the minimum wage in our country is 3.5 per cent increase. That tells you The Time in the week. The social partners were in the agree in the company of Ten of their most significant deliberative body, attach both the trade unions and employers at the newspaper.

The plan is to keep the minimum wage in november, a 1.1 percent increase in april and by 2.4 per cent. The minimum wage for those older than the age of twenty years, at this time, 1.655 euros gross per month. A wage increase of 3.5 per cent for a price of 58 euros total. 136.000 people to be able to measure the benefit.

as For the unions, higher minimum wages, a controversy, for the employers, they are sensitive to it. The Belgian minimum wage levels are among the highest in the eu. An increase means a higher cost of labour. According to the employers, threatened staff, then it is too expensive to be used. The increase of 1.1 per cent was achieved, with an increase of 2.4 percent, they only agree to it if they are to be compensated for. Regarding the possible compensation to the social partners that they don’t know. One option is to have a targeted reduction in taxes on wages under 1,900 euros.

On this next week, on the table in front of the Group of Ten is required. As soon as the agreement is finalized, it has been the custom of the federal government to run it. As the government Places in the current cases, it ends up in the file, however, is on the table in front of the next federal government.

for More on Wages, We are working on this week, both for ourselves and not for tax purposes, but the Belgians are still in the hoogstbelaste workers of Europe and wage restraint, has the consumption slowed down by a case Study: “Policies led to more than half the job growth in the private” trade Unions and the employers to get the to agree about the design of the loonakkoord: this is what’s all about to change