It is, as so often in life. Even when the greatest of desires to fulfill, a small hook, there is still. The Eintracht Frankfurt before the last match in the group stage as group winner, has to dream dared to before the start of the Europa League campaign, no one bears the eagle in the chest. But nevertheless, the trip to Lazio is not the pure pleasure. After two defeats in the Bundesliga, a further setback would not be the best Foundation for the challenging year, the rest of the program with clashes with Bayer Leverkusen, Mainz 05 and Bayern Munich. Coach Adi Hütter is a task that requires a sensitive hand to treat the most contaminated professionals a break, to nominate on the other hand, a Team that against the Fifth of the Italian League.

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Peter Hess

sports editor.

F. A. Z.

The Concord coach, a moderate Rotation announced days ago. Frederik Rönnow will receive this Thursday (18.55 PM in the F. A. Z.-liveticker for the Europa League and in DAZN) in any case, the opportunity to receive on behalf of Kevin Trapp as a goalkeeper game practice. Also a change in the defensive chain. Carlos Salcedo had not been reported because of his long injury lay-off for the Europa League. The Mexicans therefore takes after his Comeback in the Bundesliga against Hertha BSC back to the spectator role. Marco Russ is as a new man for the Position as a right-hand member of the three-chain; to him, the break is likely to have in Berlin a lot of good. Also Filip Kostic does not enter the turf of the Olympic stadium of Rome. The Serbian winger player is suspended after his third Yellow card in the competition.

Unforeseen the failure of Jonathan de Guzman. The Dutch midfielder suffered a muscle injury and is a precaution spared. Kostic and de Guzman missing – two good reasons to give Jetro Willems a place in the starting line-up. The Dutchman has now proven twice that he can not only pursue an outside-left in his career, but also in the Central midfield. What has he not believed in himself. “There is something about the quality of the Trainer says that he saw something in me, what I had discovered. In the centre you get the other balls as on the Outside, not only the Position is different. I thought, this is not play my kind of football, now I believe it.“ Hütter announced to appoint Willems in the first Eleven, refused, however, to call the Position.

If he leaves it in the four-Switch (only a volunteer), or even more rotated left open to the Austrians. However, there are indications that not all of the three forwards (Haller, Rebic and Jovic) and start to bring Gacinovic into the game. Who will always, Hütter said: “We will go with 100 percent mentality in the encounter.”

alone their Fans because the harmony is not forced to see the encounter primarily as a kind of preparation game for the Bundesliga home match on Sunday against Bayer Leverkusen. 8500 card holder, at least 2000 supporters without a Ticket to accompany the Frankfurter professionals to Rome and the huge number of includes something like a moral obligation to take the meeting seriously. Whether the win bonus of the Uefa of 360,000 Euro is a great incentive? To write then, but rather the Chance that the German European Cup history. Gain the harmony at Lazio, they would be the first Team of the Bundesliga, and reached the group phase of the full score of 18. Both Hütter, as well as Willems mentioned spontaneously, the opportunity, the German record.

Lazio, by contrast, even the smallest occasion, once again right effort is missing. The Romans are as a group second. Coach Simone Inzaghi spoke to on Wednesday actually that of an “unimportant game”. What surprised Hütter, when he was asked about it: “each of us must know for himself, how he comes to such a game. We want to at least prove that we can play good football, and why we first. We have an obligation and a responsibility, not only towards the Fans, even compared to the other clubs and ourselves.“

Though the game offers little athletic explosiveness, is not light-hearted mood. The concern for the safety of the Frankfurt Fans received on Tuesday food. Two trailers had to hurt, start the return trip, after they were invaded by the Roman Ultras in a pub and beaten up. As some of the Romans in Frankfurt was given. The harmony recommended to their Fans urgently, to Wear more scarves or jerseys, the undersigned, waive.