Simple trolls was yesterday. However, where there are in today’s world, social bots, the online automated against Policy such as the UN migration Pact mood, is to discredit in Michal Hvoreckýs new novel, a Troll factory, in the people in laborious hand work to exhaustion positions, and persons, and’ll DLP, to the “story trolling Agency” is further developed. The I-narrator of the story, gets among the variety of his Nicknames the own name, with this concept, the Favor of his boss. The had set the unsightly early twenties, ultimately, because he must otherwise go without the other applicant, on Johanna.

Fridtjof Küchemann

editor in the features section.

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In the core, it is in Michal Hvoreckýs the fourth a German translation of the novel “The Troll” the hate, the lie, the anger in the network and their instrumentalization outside, in the cloak around the two friends, the addicts, as the drugs, he got to know as unvaccinated measles patient in a hopeless situation in the hospital, there will be nights on the literature discussed, and, finally, had decided to fight the Troll System, and from the inside. The Slovak author draws not only on the accusations, suspicions and alleged revelations of the Fake News in the usual wild colors, but also the life story of the two main characters and the world in which you need to claim: After years of tyranny from a leader-a father and leader-the son of a “rich” just outside the “fortress Europe” has a Regime of terrible design assumed Power. A hybrid war has ravaged the Land, now it is again in an information war that could grow: “A main battle field of the human spirit. You had to win, then you could end up on the battlefield the duel.“

such escalation greatest fear and the ambitious goal of the two friends at the same time: After it struck him in the net, brings Valys in his eighty-member Team that destroyed hundreds of profiles, the Reputation of the individual or the Reputation of whole groups, moods, fuels, Assault launches, and policy. A scientist, you hang on lush revenue from dubious sources. A Polish politician, make them the target of anti-Semitic hatred. And when you realize that you can reach your victims abroad, sacrifice to the narrator with his old neighbours, by bringing him into connection with the politician: the Jewish Professor of hate by the trolls on the Polish more discharges. “Tried and tested propaganda techniques have been associated with modern Marketing, and it was an effective tool,” it says again, later, fine, a distinction is made between the truth of the forms “truth” and “Pravda”: The factual truth in the Russian, important and sublime, the “truth in accordance with God” – the end justifies the means.

a penchant for Shrill

A “story trolling Agency” must be open to your readers, so the concept of the narrator: an open day to organise, also appeal to those who “are critical and demanding and more sensitive to insincerity respond,” show her something. Prompt a Hiphop will be sent the Quartet on “Fatherland tour” through the country – and the narrator of the Senior Content Operator transported.