Trump sees Mission accomplished: America is going to withdraw soldiers completely from Syria


The United States has started according to the White house with the withdrawal of your soldiers from Syria. “We have begun to bring American soldiers home, as we move into the next Phase of this deployment,” says one of the spokesperson of the White house, Sarah Sanders, on Wednesday popular opinion.

Previously had announced a government representative is already a “complete withdrawal”. The approximately 2000 American soldiers should leave the country “as quickly as possible”. The American President Donald Trump said that he sees the Mission of the American army in Syria, with the victory over the jihadists militia “Islamic state” (IS) fulfilled.

The withdrawal of the United States could have a significant impact on the balance of forces in Syria, where a rival to the United States, such as Russia and Iran in the past few years, a great deal of influence have won. He also represents the survival of the Kurdish militias in question, the fighting there so far, with the support of the United States against the IS.

“We have ISIS failed in Syria”

President Trump said in a Twitter message that the American Mission have been met in Syria, their purpose: “We have beaten ISIS in Syria, my only reason to be while the Trump presidency.”

Trump had already made in March unexpectedly early withdrawal of American troops from Syria, but it remained at the time of the announcement, which was apparently without coordination with the government.

From government circles in Washington, said that the withdrawal decision had been taken on Tuesday final. A date for the withdrawal has not been named, but that it should be done as soon as possible and all of the American soldiers in Syria.

just last week, trump’s Anti-IS officer Brett McGurk had insured that American troops were going to stay for a while in Syria, because “there is still a lot of hidden cells” and “no man will believe to be naive, that you just disappear”.

The United States support in Syria, the Syrian Democratic forces (SDF) in the fight against the IS militia. Last Friday, the Kurdish-Arab Alliance, with Hadschin one of the last IS-bastions in Eastern Syria.