Parallel to George Floyd – Israeli police kill unarmed Palestinian woman in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem to protest against the killing of a Palestinian, it’s drawn comparisons to the police violence in the United States.Alexandra Föderl-Schmid Tel AvivDemonstranten in Jerusalem, drew a Parallel between the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and that of the Palestinian Iyad Halak. Photo: Keystone

a Transparent justice for Iyad, the Court of justice for George booth “,” on another: “Iyads life counts”. Hundreds of Israelis and Palestinians went on a Saturday night on the road, in order to demonstrate in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. They drew a Parallel between the death of the African-American George Floyd in Minneapolis and that of the Palestinian Iyad Halak, who was shot dead on Saturday morning by an Israeli border policeman in the old city of Jerusalem. The 32-year-old Palestinian was autistic and on the way to a facility for people with special needs. He was, according to his father Kheiri Halak around a hundred meters from the entrance when the shots were fired.

According to the Israeli police, the Palestinians in the vicinity of the Löwentors in the old town, had to stay several prompts to Be disrespected, then ran away and was hiding in a garbage room. You have accepted, the man holding a gun in the Hand, right of the police to justify himself – however, it turned out later that the Palestinian was unarmed. His father suspects that he’s on the phone with his cell phone and the calls have not simply understood. He described in an Interview with the TV station Channel 13 that after the incident, the family’s apartment had been searched, though there had been no indication of the weapons in his son.

One of the two on the chase involved officers have to stop shooting and then, as the others have instructed him, therefore, it was said in the Israeli army station. The police initiated an investigation and will also clarify whether the man was shot and killed during the chase or in his hiding place. According to Israeli media, seven bullets were fired at the Palestinians.

Concerned and outraged reactions

The incident also triggered reactions among Israeli and Palestinian politicians. Defense Minister Benny Gantz announced that the killing “very sorry” to do. Opposition leader Yair Lapid wrote in a Tweet, “the death of a young man with special needs is heart-breaking. (…) This is not our way.” Lapid himself has an autistic daughter, his wife, Lihi discussed dealing with people with special needs in their public appearances and in their columns. The Fatah party of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas described the operation as “war crimes”.

Several members of Parliament and commentators in the Israeli media drew comparisons between the events in Minneapolis and Jerusalem: Ofer Cassif of the Arab Joint list, spoke of “murder by police” as a result of government policy, and his colleague Ahmad Tibi explained: “Minneapolis is here.” One of the organizers of the Demonstration in Jerusalem, Shahaf-oriented leg, called “police violence against Palestinians as a policy, as policies against Black people in the United States.”

policeman under house arrest

The public security competent Israeli Minister Amir Ohana made regretted the incident, but explained that it was still too early for a final assessment. The police forces would have to meet “schicksalhafe decisions in seconds”. He promised a full investigation. Two of the participating police officers were surveyed on Saturday. The one who did the shooting, was placed under house arrest.

In the past weeks, there had been several incidents in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. Only on Friday, Israeli soldiers had shot and killed a Palestinian who wanted to information from the army with his car into a group of soldiers. The Israeli security forces prepared for clashes in Jerusalem after on Sunday for the first Time since the age of 15. March of the temple mount with the Al-Aqsa mosque and the dome of the rock was re-opened.