Analysis to the Roman Church – Never the gap for the company was grösserMit your Veto on the emancipation of women and Gays has become the Catholic Church from a conservative to a backward Church. Opinion Michael Meier4 Kommentare4Papst Francis with cardinals and bishops at an event for the protection of Minors, which took place in 2019, in the Vatican.Photo:

The Church in the village dominated as the focal point of the community, all the other buildings. In a sense, in the secular society at all, of course. Nevertheless, the Münster in Bern, Basel or Zurich remained the landmark of the city. You are giving it a transcendent Dimension. Zurich, great Cathedral, mother Church of the Reformation, has worked in the Zurich society – and has remained until today, with their values compatible. For the Clergy the commitment to the state and society is constitutive. Recently the top Swiss Protestant Gottfried Locher warned the believers there of the Church stand well, to take the social consensus seriously. He said this with a view to marriage for all: “We have the proven System that the state defines marriage, we reformed with the blessing of God, to equip.”

the Chur, and the Freiburg Cathedral, as the main churches of your diocese in the middle of the city. But the city suggests a sense of the image in the wrong location. The Cathedral, as the throne of the Bishop’s Power, embodied in the center of the society. Not only because of the Western Swiss Bishop Charles Morerod had to dismiss the priests of the Cathedral of St. Nicolas because of abuse allegations. But also, because the Episcopal Church is contrary to the societal consensus is reflected. Unlike the resigned, the Bishop of Chur, Vitus Huonder’s not a death for Morerod homosexuality worthy Offense. The marriage for all, but he evaluates, in accordance with Pope Francis: This I with the divinely-endowed marriage of a man and a woman, no analogies, they stand rather for an “ideological war to destroy the marriage.”

counter-movement to the Zeitgeist

The marriage for all the latest culture battle that alienated the Roman Church is part of the local society. Previously she lost one after the other: the culture of combat in the period of regulation, those for reproductive medicine or those of the euthanasia. The main areas of family, sexuality, and Die, in which you claimed in the past, the sovereignty of interpretation for the Church. In a short time, your definition is broken away power over life and death. They positioned themselves in opposition to society.

cardinal Joseph Ratzinger tried to ennoble this contradiction: With the loss of importance of the Christian in the society of the Roman Church as a minority Church will stand “against the wind of history,” he predicted in his famous book “salt of the earth” from 1996. He even enjoyed Pasolini’s idea of the Church’s Opposition, to the extent that the Church could be modern, by anti-modern. In “small circles of really Convinced” you’ll be as a counter-movement to the Zeitgeist of the salt of the earth.

The reality looks different. The role of the Church in the headwind to the company, binds almost all of your productive forces, and throws it back to itself. Thanks to the exclusive morality of the priestly Sexual-imposition, you must reduce the mass of clerical abuse. Some pastors, such as the Freiburg Bishop Charles Morerod, you hear only in connection with abuse cases, tried to deal with it, depending on the perspective, or to cover up.

Credo of the Chur suffragan Marian Eleganti, he Who believes, can not infect via communion wafers and Holy water basin.

The Chur diocese of the line, however, is in the fight for the pure doctrine of the defence of democratic participation by the cantonal churches absorbed. Since projects for refugees and Disadvantaged people, no place. For Chur is articulated in the diocese of resistance against the state Corona-measures. The Credo of the Chur suffragan Marian Eleganti, he Who believes, can not infect via communion wafers and Holy water basin.

gap between the Church and the society

Many people want to have not true that the Church is paralyzed from above. Finally, Pope Francis conveys the image of a shepherd, who fights for the poor and social justice. Like his predecessors, he not honour his commitment to human rights in their own ranks. The women denied equality remains the largest gap between the Church and the society. The woman in question was “not alone the internal religious issue”, as dogmatics Professor Gunda Werner at the address of the Pope: “The global problem of Poverty is inextricably linked to the unjust distribution of goods and the structural disadvantage of women.”

For Francis, feminism is like the marriage for all, a Revolution against the biology. An indigestible culture shock.

The hope is that Francis will change anything, this with the date of 12. February smash in his Letter to Amazon-Synod: women can not be ordained by nature, and thus does not participate in the management and definition of violence of the Church to be a part of. That women have not despite having the same Dignity, the same rights, he explains with an antiquated theology of the sexes: The Marian principle assigns to the women the receiving, nourishing and serving the Ministry of the interior, the Petrine principle, the men of the active official Ministry of foreign Affairs. For Francis, the feminism is like the marriage for all, a Revolution against the biology. An indigestible culture shock.

This sober look at the Pope but a manifest zählebiges false Narrative prevents the braked reformer: Long ago, he would have introduced substantial reforms if the reform opponents prevented him from. A prominent advocate of this Thesis, the vaticanist Marco Politi. In his new book, “The Francis-conspiracy” he sees the Pope’s foes, who did not want him to de-legitimise a systematic and him in a civil war hineinzögen. In reality, his enemies are few, mostly retired cardinals plus followers. You provide him with the Alibi that the announced reforms do not redeem.

> Merciful only in the case

the Swiss bishops, the need for a renewal of recognized process, but for the conservatives among you is in prayer and Mission.

Thus, he disavowed the hopes and processes of reform. Of in Germany, launched in the Synod process is doomed to Failure. At best he will run on for decades, always the same reform postulates, in addition to. Also, the Swiss bishops have recognized the need for a renewal process, but for the conservatives among you is in prayer and Mission. So the process has found the Public virtually zero resonance. He shouldn’t even have to take travel.

The Roman Church has become from a conservative to a backward religion – especially in view of the raised and then disappointed expectations. Incapable of Reform, is not you also have a place in society. Today she has with the fundamentalist and political Islam in larger intersections than with the secular Western society. They are substantially different from the Protestant churches. The religious ditch is as large as never before: In the Zurich Grossmünster other values are preached as in the Freiburg and the Chur Cathedral.

A Church in fundamental opposition to the society adopts as the Church of the people. It is to the free Church or a sect. It deserves no longer to be legally recognized, and loses its privileged place in the middle of the city. To be consistent, you would have to move from the cathedrals of Chur and Fribourg in a chapel on the outskirts of the city.

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