This sounds too good, it must fall under suspicion of the icon policy: Hessen treat themselves to a private Ministry of digitization, and the Prime Minister Volker Bouffier (CDU) wants to put a young woman at the top. A crowning proof of the fact that Hesse and, above all, Bouffiers Union at the height of the time.

But beyond all malice: work for the new Ministry, there is enough. It starts with the much-vaunted expansion of the grid only, it becomes really interesting when it comes to Content. The new techniques that spread the word digitization, will stop at nothing to change the private as the world of work. The citizens are concerned mainly been due to the gloomy forecasts that see the Disappearance of thousands of jobs in advance. Site managers and policy-makers are likely to scare to say in Advance that, for example, the business model of banks, in a few years.

Hessen’s Central location

not to let these developments happen simply the primary task of the new Minister, the new Minister must be. Not the Alternatives should create the state, but suitable conditions, so that they can prevail. Other States like louder advertise, but still, it is for the country to become a digital pioneer. Once again Hesse helps in a Central position, is also Europe’s largest Internet node in Frankfurt, there are data centers with huge capacities and especially as a connoisseur of the scene, said recently, strong corporate headquarters in Frankfurt and the Region, so the customers for the developers of digital applications. It’s just a pity that the Fintechs prefer to go to Berlin and Munich.