just imagine: a hike through the Namib desert in scorching heat. In the distance, the hikers see an Installation that is vaguely reminiscent of Stonehenge – is a Mirage. But then he hears music, and, of all things, “Africa” by Toto, this indestructible Hit from the eighties. In a movie, this would be the scene to illustrate that the Protagonist is now like mad. Aperture, Bracing White.

Julia Bähr

editor in the features section.

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In real life the Namibian artist Max siedentopf has an MP3 Player and six speakers with solar batteries in the middle of the Sand on white pedestals. And you really are playing “Africa”, only this song, in an endless loop. It is the culmination of the amazing wave of Popularity, the learns this piece currently. A few years ago, it was still original, if a DJ is “Africa” was playing. The song was released in 1982 and was appreciated for its music, while the Text, thrust free of stereotypes, with skepticism. He is the first and only number-one Hit song by Toto. Then it was for about thirty years still to “Africa”. Since the end of 2017 as many people as never before the Internet and search for the song. The Fans of the Band Weezer begged for so long, until the musician in may 2018, finally, a Version of the song recordings.