(Toronto) Alanis Morissette dives into the universe of the series Yellowjackets by covering the theme song of the show.

The Ottawa singer released her version of the song No Return on Friday morning on online listening platforms.

Morissette’s interpretation appears in the fourth episode of the horror thriller telling the story of a women’s soccer team stuck in the Canadian wilderness in the mid-1990s.

The original was written for the series and performed by Craig Wedren and Anna Waronker, two musicians who spent their early careers in 1990s grunge and hardcore bands.

The Showtime series debuted on Crave in Canada in early 2022 and quickly became hugely popular in the country. Quebecer Sophie Nélisse is also part of the cast.

Morissette said in a statement that she thought the original was “a perfect song,” adding that she found it intimidating when approached to record her own version.

“I see parallels between Yellowjackets and my point of view when writing songs: pure intensity, the one that goes to the jugular without being afraid to go to the secular,” she said.

“I have fought my entire career to support women’s empowerment,” she explained. What’s so wonderful about this show is that each character is allowed to be dynamic and complex, as opposed to scaled-down, oversimplified versions of women. »