The more complex the pension files, the more frequent the errors. According to a new report from the Court of Auditors published on May 24, inaccuracies on the amount of pensions are numerous at the Cnav (national old-age insurance fund), although less frequent than last year. “In 2021, one in seven retirement benefits awarded to former employees contains a financial error”, reports the certification of Social Security accounts. As a reminder, this figure amounted to one out of six retirement benefits in 2020. It should be noted that three out of four errors are made to the detriment of the insured.

“Compared to the amount of benefit allocations during the financial year, i.e. 5.8 billion euros, it implies a probable amount of errors of the order of 70 million euros”, can we read in the document. Even more recurrent errors among the self-employed: as the Court of Auditors points out, the frequency of errors in the payment of pensions by the self-employed has increased this year, rising from 2.9% in 2020 to 3.9% in 2021. that the magistrates explain by “a particular sensitivity of the branch to the evolution of the number of agents, often reduced, assigned to this mission and controlling the liquidation of the pensions of the self-employed workers”.

What impact on your pension, exactly? “The errors made by pension funds in 2021 relate to 1.2% of the amount of new benefits and will have a cumulative impact of 1.1 billion euros until the death of pensioners”, specifies the report. Dominique Prévert, partner of the specialized firm Optimaretraite, gave us some keys to avoid errors in your file and assert your rights. Consult our slideshow below.