Mr Özdemir, the Ditib has on Wednesday presented their “visions” for the future. The Chairman Kazim Türkmen calls for de-escalation and a return to substantive issues. This is a step in the right direction?

This is a deception. Instead of giving the vague sayings at the Best, it should return Mr Türkmen once in front of the house door, and the Ditib in a fundamentally new place. Namely, by using, for example, deposed members of the management Board, by distancing itself clearly from the Ditib-line the last few years, and by making clear how the path of detachment from Ankara looks. Nothing of the sort is to be expected by Mr Türkmen.

The Ditib is striving for recognition as a religious community. What are the factors that had to be fulfilled?

Since I can ask only: What is your dream, the Ditib representative at night? I see met no conditions on the way there. On the contrary, The Ditib is in relation to the past light-years of recognition. She has not only done nothing to achieve these objectives, but it has been. discredited of each approach in this question Mr Türkmen itself is the best example of this. As a former Religionsattaché in Cologne, he was responsible for the fact that at the time Ditib-have been spying on critics and opponents of the Erdogan regime. That is, now someone is, the spy has worn, head of the Ditib. This is a clear message, what is the point of view on our country and what is the point of view of prevalence on the values of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Ditib. So the Association is currently unfortunately not part of the solution, but part of the problem.

What do you mean?

Ditib is an organization which tries the policy of Erdogan and the Turkish-Islamist synthesis – a kind of coalition of Ultra-nationalists and a particularly reactionary interpretation of Sunni Islam – to bring together. It’s bad enough that this happens in Turkey. But here in Germany, nothing has been lost. And no party, no democratic politician, no Ministry, and no school should give to support this ideology in Germany or promote with public money. In the Rest of the Ditib is not the only questionable Association, We should also take account of Milli Görüs and Atib, but also IGD and Islamic Relief more targeted. You are a threat to the majority of moderate Islam, for example, I learned from my mother – in favour of a particularly reactionary interpretation of Islam. Since the German authorities need to take a close look at.