The Star of this auction of the year in Germany, The Egyptian who became, by far, is the “Female head in Blue and grey” by Max Beckmann, called””. The distinctive effigy was hit in the spring in Grisebach in Berlin for 4.7 million Euro. This is the highest sum ever offered in this country for a work of art in an auction. The actual enchanting painting for lovers in a Swiss private collection that was represented on a telephone. Including the usual Premium for the still unknown new owner paid 5,53 million Euro; the estimate had stood at 1.5 to two million Euro.

Rose-Maria Gropp

editor in the features section, responsible for the “art market”.

F. A. Z.

this is the first rank in the Top Ten and the second will be a gap of 3.35 million euros, there is a classic image with the clouds and the sea by Emil Nolde, came at Ketterer in Munich, on a bid of 1.35 million euros, the lower Taxe. There were a total of 2018, only four charges in millions of euros – – in 2016 and 2017, there were still seven such hammer prices. This says less about the willingness to pay of the customers about the existing supply in this price category. Back in Grisebach it were Kirchner’s “Three Nudes in the forest” at 1.2 million euros. The image with Restitution and market history, was now in a Spanish private collection. In the case of Ketterer in Munich, Germany Günther Uecker became still in the millions. Be nailed “Tender garden” required the use of 1.17 million euros, well above its estimate. Thus, Uecker claimed as of the time of living comrade in addition to Gerhard Richter – this time to the rank 7a, with its portrait of the collector Willy Schniewind – among the Top Ten. This time, Heinz Mack and Anselm Kiefer.


The Stuttgart house nail was in 2017 with two Chinese vases. However, in 2018, they were moved to the two special auctions with stamps to Salzburg. Therefore, at the beginning of December there sold decorated dragon vase “Tianqiuping” with seal mark Qianlong from the 18th century here.Century don’t count, which was hit for 5.5 million euros, with a premium of well over 7.3 million, compared to an already stirring the estimated price of 50,000 euros. Already in June, the Hammer fell for a folding chair made of hard wood with carved landscape decoration from the late Ming dynasty, at 3.5 million Euro; both pieces came from a private Italian collection. Michael Trautmann, an expert on Oriental art at the nail, as the reason for this evasion after Austria, with the special interpretation of the provisions of the cultural property protection law in the state of Baden-Württemberg. It will not in General require proof that an object was carried out before 1990, from China, what is often possible. In Austria, the Export laws of the various countries from which the consignments come in. Should give back the opportunity, will you return the stamps to Stuttgart. By the way, 99 percent of such rare objects, so Trautmann go to buyers from China.