Russia’s top Media supervisor for tougher action against the Internet giant Google are calling on the government in Moscow. High fines would have to bring the Google to the Russian laws, said the head of the media regulatory authority Roskomnadsor, Alexander Sharov, on Monday, the Russian news Agency Tass reported in Moscow. It is still too early to say how high the penalty should be measured by the revenue fail. “I think we should consider different options.”

Still, there is no corresponding bill, said Sharov. “But I hope it will be posted in the near future.” According to the words of the Supreme media supervisor all the search engines are committed in Russia under current law, a Register, to join, to prevent the “forbidden information” to be disseminated. Including websites containing child pornography, gambling, fell, with extremist content, and “certain political content”.

“We have monitored Google on a daily basis and it still provides Links to illegal information covered by the Register,” explained the head of Agency. Roskomnadsor will soon initiate a new case against the Internet giant. Google had been occupied in the past with penalties. Moscow accused the company of violations of Russian law.