The Christmas movie that takes place this year in Bad Homburg policy, is not a cheerful Comedy. But a Drama of disappointed hopes, because of a large cinema at the train station for a long time not in sight.

the idea is a win-win issue. It helps against the Image of the all-too-fussy resort town, revitalized the area recently for a two-digit million amount in the renovated train station, and for the youth there are too few deals. No wonder that the then Lord mayor Michael Korwisi (Green) hoped for in 2013 was, in his term of office, the opening introduction visit.

Also Korwisis successor to Alexander Hetjes (CDU) came around to the popular cinema and the need for a fast realisation – now without the permanently costly trend sports hall. The Union, which is now with the SPD, the majority, relied on a message of success to the cinema, and before the next municipal election in the year 2021.

Now the great secrecy

revenge and nothing will come of It. The current Failure of the negotiations is the first major setback for the researchers encountered the mayor. Wherein the tribulations of the out-throw from the cure Director Ralf Wolter, in whose hands, until then, the cinema project was not a particularly good light on the city have thrown.

Now the great secrecy that has accompanied the entire procedure takes revenge. The reference to the legally sensitive conditions of the investors competition should not prevent any assessment. Whether the assumed numbers of visitors for a multiplex cinema is realistic and what concessions the city would support a may not be profitable cinema offer, must be publicly available, can be discussed. As of 2016, the trend sports hall has been tipped, next to the movie theater, calculated opinion of a rent, which was 61 percent more than the market value. With such clear information, the decision for and against an Investor can understand.