Survive in the Wilderness of Norway, multi-day bike tours, Work on the farm there for some years as a school subject. “Challenge,” it calls itself, and the focus is not to offer young people an adventure holiday, but to set them tasks in which they can grow. “Before my first challenge I was pretty excited,” says the 14-year-old David Hamm. He drove in last year with a group to Norway, and there camped. He attended the artists of the German language reform school in Hamburg, and the students from grades 8 to 10 since 2006, regularly in front of such challenges. She has introduced the as the first school in Germany as a regular event. There are now 34 schools that provide these challenges in different forms to their students. In a time in which children grow up cared for like never before, to promote self-employment.

“young people in this age is school, no matter,” says the head of the school, the artists of the German language reform school, Birgit Xylander. “Friends, loved ones and personal disasters – maybe also lens important. You must pre-enter growing real tasks, not artificial.“ The aim of the actions is to take students out of the school context and to provide you with the opportunity to make a defining life experience. “The challenges that the students replace a small step from the parents’ home and emancipating. Ask yourself: Where are my limits and Strengths?“ free says André. He is a teacher for mathematics, physics, and Sport and responsible for the coordination of the challenges to the reform school.

For the three-week projects 150 euros are given to the students. Some of the actions, for example, the challenges in Norway are more expensive, 300 Euro you should not exceed. The difference between 150 and 300 Euro to the students themselves raise the money through Savings or Work the bake sale. Most of the actions are accompanied by teachers. If possible, all students should participate in and therefore search for a good half a year in advance projects, you are interested in. For this you need to write applications in which they explain why the selected project is a challenge for you. Not just once, but three times in successive years, students will have the opportunity to try something completely New.