Shortly after Christmas, the us President, had apparently felt the need to comment on the state of American-Mexican relations, specifically the economic, and thus, he claimed, on Twitter, of course, that the United States would have lost a lot of money when trading with Mexico. And because he is apparently Winning is more common than Losing, was the wording: “The United States loose soooo much money…”.

: “loose”, it is still there and everyone who wanted to, could use the reply function, or the entire Statement … and the spelling error, the mistake, or both correct, comment on and, where appropriate, also mock. It had about 28,000 responses to Saturday morning, and now Twitter – and even those who don’t manage to read all of them, but the first hundred responses, ridicule, and horror prevail: “He went to Trump University. That’s why.“

The example shows not only that on Twitter anything is possible – it shows quite well what is excluded: those Who want to speak a power word, may like to try. It, but always find a few people who not only disagree with, but for everything that looks like Pomp, hollow Pathos, rhetorical ambition, the antidote: a joke, a punchline, or even the more precise Information.

“So much hate, malice and propaganda”

It is spoken in the past week, much has been written about Twitter, mostly bad, almost always pessimistic, and often, as if this Medium, using it like a drug active agent: a drug that verneble the head, broken up the nerve, the handling destroy forms, what is the poor addicts sorry but, because he need the Likes, and Retweets, even more than the heavy smokers, the cigarettes. So, or something like that, have written to the media scientists in the Newspapers. And Robert Habeck, the ever-so-popular Green-Chairman, after he had said in a Twitter Video and a right-hand nonsense about the democracy in the state of Thuringia, against his better Knowledge, his Twitter account deleted and his Blog, posted, Twitter is “like no other digital Medium, so aggressive, and in any other Medium, there is so much hate, malice and propaganda.”

Many people believe that, and you all know why this is so: the brevity, the speed, the lack of that protection by a Pseudonym, and of course the ease of access to the Medium, the lead of that, what used to be, at a regular table after three Half, although was pronounced, but there is also love and quickly forgotten, now in the network and are to stay, unchallenged, in his resentment, loaded ugliness.

The opposite of the Clear, Loud, Evil

But is this true at all? Each has its own so-called Timeline, no one can overlook the whole Twitter – but probably it is not only a bubbles phenomenon, when you realize the answers, you get yourself so, at some point, the trolls, the stalkers, the offender almost always users have the eleven Followers or thirty-four; apparently, the digital loneliness is so great that you must shout loud.