tennis star Angelique Kerber, Ironman world champion Patrick Long, and the ice hockey-silver medal winner of the “sportsman of the year” in 2018. This is the result of the vote of the 1100 sport journalists. The approximately 700 guests in the Kurhaus of Baden-Baden the winner cheered on Sunday evening with a round of applause.

After her Wimbledon-Coup Kerber is the successor to biathlete Laura Dahlmeier. The former world number one of world Tennis by sat but only very slightly ahead of the previous track cyclist Kristina Vogel, who sits after a tragic accident in a wheelchair. Triathlete was followed by a Long combiner Johannes Rydzek. The Olympia-the Second of Pyeongchang as the first ice hockey Team the “team of the year”. In 2017, the beach volleyball, Laura Ludwig and Kira walkenhorst had been chosen.

bird impressed, even without award

Kerber had been in her dream the year 2016 as the “Sportswoman of the year” award. Now, the consistency won with 1732 points, ahead of bird (1704) and Dahlmeier (1358). Germany’s best tennis player had chosen in the summer with a final defeat of the American Serena Williams for the first German Wimbledon champion since Steffi Graf’s 22 years ago. Impressively, the now three-time Grand Slam tournament winner Deep by 2017. Instead of the German football national team at the world Cup in Russia, they wrote, unexpectedly, the German summer sports fairy tale.

Special praise from prominent mouth got Kerber of Boris Becker. “We need to share our living room,” said the three-time Wimbledon champion, in his speech. “You’re all critics, especially shown in the work, discipline, and the Faith is worth to yourself.”


After her tragic accident, also a double Olympic champion bird, however, was a main person of the Evening. Since the terrible disaster on the 26. June at the velodrome in Cottbus, the 28-Year-old is a quadriplegic and impressed with your courage. Only 28 points, it was the choice behind Kerber, the taught emotional words to the bird: “You’re a role model for all of us here in this room, an Inspiration for all of us, and I wish You all the best.”

bird received at the Gala on Sunday evening a special prize. “Kristina bird pursues its goals with incredible passion and will power and motivation, and young athletes to peak performance,” said the President of the German savings banks and Giro Association, Helmut Schleweis. “The way that Kristina Vogel is the great challenge of the cross-section assumes palsy, inspired not only by your environment.” The price is associated with a funding amount of EUR 40 000, half of which goes to a bird-specific promotion of young scientists.