the fast-food Chain, KFC, has decided to no longer be the healthy alternative in restaurants. The chain is installed, however, for $ 8 million in special ovens for a number of products to be able to bake it instead of deep-frying. But now it is no longer on the menu. The reason for this? The customers ‘ desires, they don’t.

“We have tried to do and failed. That is not the deep-fried products are sold for money. It doesn’t make sense to have something healthy to offer, and if the people don’t want. The health of the people will not move forward if they have those things, don’t eat it.”

for More on the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant will open this year with three restaurants in Flanders, the First Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant is in the Brussels ‘ north station the time has Finally come: THERE will be in 2019 at the latest, to Belgium, this Is the most dramatic moment in television history?