Mieke Kröger (Germany national team) on Wednesday for the first time in the line at the Lotto Belgium Tour and won the game. After 115 km from Moorslede to Dadizele was a 26-year-old German, seven seconds and two former medevluchtsters. The French woman Audrey Cordon Ragot finished in second place, Lotte Kopecky in third.

Tuesday, Kröger has already finished second in the prologue. They will take the red leader’s jersey on the American Ruth Winder and at the position now, with 33 seconds to Kopecky and 35 in the on-Line Ragot. The rest of it has been for at least three minutes to make it.

Kopecky, Former Ragot, and Kröger became the final. The three of them embarked on the final local laps, each of which is a 14.7 km with a lead of 1:15 on the peloton, in which the reaction is never ordered to began. The front continued to be the one to be perfect. Up to two kilometers away from the place the Line Ragot went on to attack. Kopecky counterde. Under the red rag to the accelerated Kröger from the head. The line Ragot, and Kopecky stayed together in the light of the eyes, so that’s the way to win out was to Kröger.

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Earlier this year, we won Kröger is also a stage in the Healthy Aging Tour in addition to the individual time trial and the final stage of the Gracia-Orlova.

Thursday’s ride, the riders circling at a third party facility. With 129,5 km is the longest stage in the Lotto Belgium Tour as well.


1. Mieke Kröger (Germany/German national team) for the 115 km 3u02:38 (avg 37,78 km/h).

2. Audrey Cordon Ragot (Fra), at 0:07).

3. Lotte Kopecky.

4. Was It Exposed (Now) 2:54; 5. Kelly Druyts; 6. Coryn Rivera (Usa); 7. Susanne Andersen (Nor); 8. Stine Borgli (T); 9. Pascale Jeuland (Fra); 10. Amber van der Hulst (the Netherlands); 11. Nicola Juniper (GBr); 12. Daniela Gass (Ger); 13. Danique Braam (Ned); 14. Jesse Vandenbulcke, And 15. Minke Bakker (The Netherlands); 16. Andrea Waldis (Swi); 17. Shari Bossuyt, And 18. Claudia Jongerius (The Netherlands); 19. Birgitte Ravndal (T); 20. Kirstie van Haaften (the Netherlands).


1. Mieke Kröger (Germany/German national team) 3u09:13).

2. Lotte Kopecky At 0:33.

3. Audrey Cordon Ragot (Fra) 0:35 In).

4. Ruth Winder (Usa) 3:07; 5. Coryn Rivera (Usa) 3:19; 6. Tanja Erath (Ger) 3:23; 7. Driving Riffel (Germany) 3:26; 8. Liane Lippert (Germany); 9. Julie Van De Velde, 3:27; 10. Sofie De Vuyst; 11. Emilie Moberg (Nor); 12. Amber van der Hulst (Ned) 3:28; 13. Hannah Ludwig (Germany); 14. Susanne Andersen (Nor) 3:29; 15. Shari Bossuyt 3:30; And 16. Simply Ammerlaan (Ned) 3:31; 17. Britt Knaven 3:32; 18. Stine Borgli (T) 3:33; 19. Pascale Jeuland (Fra) 3:35; 20. Kirstie van Haaften (the Netherlands). .