Dieter Schwarz, founder of van’s discount outlet Sleep, it is the richest German. According to a new list by the magazine Bilanz, which is the ability of the 79-year-old, Black, at 41.5 billion euros of a hidden treasure.

It will bring you to the family of Theo Albrecht (Aldi Nord) and Wolfgang Porsche, in advance, each for up to 18 billion. As for Black, only were taken into account, with its own funds, with the Albrechts and the Porsche take into account the whole family.

it is Black it is included in the calculation by Bilanz is better than the other rich-people-do lists, depending on what is taken into account as capital. Thus, an estimated one in another magazine, Manager Magazin, and his ability from last year to 25 billion euro, while the Us magazine Forbes, the mediaschuwe Black 17-billion-euro toedichtte.

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