Fire in ottenbach ZH – man agent severely injured, half a Million of property, plant and harm to an older farmhouse in ottenbach ZH has it burned. The owner of the house had to be delivered in a hospital.At 19.30 the owner of the house sounds the Alarm: a fire in a detached house in ottenbach ZH. (21. May, 2020)in the Canton of Zurich police Department

in a fire In a single family house in Ottenbach ZH a man has been injured, on Thursday evening, difficult. The damage to property amounts to over half a Million francs, the Zurich cantonal police announced.

Shortly before 19.30, the owner of a farmhouse, inhabited the property alone, reported that a fire had broken out. The fire brigade came. As the older house was very full of nooks and crannies, were extinguishing the fire for the fire brigade demanding.

serious injuries

It managed to rescue workers, however, to prevent the flames could spread to adjacent buildings. The 63-year-old owner of the house suffered fire means of serious injury. He had to be taken by ambulance to a hospital.

The property damage that is caused to the property is estimated to be about half a Million Swiss francs. The cause of the fire is still unknown. Specialists of the fire investigation service, together with the Zurich cantonal police to investigate the case.

Because of the fire, the affolternstrasse in the area of the schürmatt road for private traffic had to be blocked.

(SDA / chk)