Theo Francken (N-VA) has a bill filed to have the price of a nationality certificate to substantially all the time. According to the former secretary of state for Asylum and Migration should be of 150 to 1.250 euros to get the charges in line with other European countries.

the Candidate-Nationals have to pay for a nationality certificate (a standard procedure) is now 150 euro, registration taxes, stamp taxes, which vary from municipality to municipality, but for 100 euros rolrechten for rejecting an application, as well as the costs for the translation of foreign documents. In particular, the registration would be in accordance with Francken have to be increased to 1,250 euro.

“compared with many Western countries, it is our nationaliteitsverwerving very low. Let’s make this amount go up”, to motivate Francken the proposal. In the Netherlands you pay for a nationality certificate to 177 euros, Germany is 255 euros.

the more Expensive green cards

A similar proposal from the Francken to make permits more expensive to make, it was earlier in the week, in the meantime, the Council of State. If the secretary of state for Asylum and Migration, and wanted Francken to the costs of the application for a residence permit in 2015 will increase from 215 to 350. However, the Council of State ruled on Monday that such a sum would be unreasonable and not commensurate with the actual costs.

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