Zuhal Demir (N-VA) is calling for the mayors, and the national Security service in order to make a thorough study of the “proliferation of koranic schools in Belgium. That said Demir, in response to the Dutch study of the Dutch newspaper NRC, and Nieuwsuur, which suggests that children are at the salafi koran schools, among others, that people with a different religion and way of life deserve the death penalty, and that they have to learn to move away from the Netherlands.

Also, inter alia, in belgium and in the Hague, there would be concern in a rule of the classes in koranic schools. At the moment there is no control over what happens in their lessons being taught by the school board. The lessons taught in the koranic schools have nothing to do with regular schools.

“It’s no coincidence that religious fanaticism is aimed at the little ones, it is not surprising that the girls are getting used to be married, and it is not by accident that the children have after school to be indoctrinated with the harshness of the law” said Zuhal Demir (N-VA). “When I was a young girl growing up in the province of Limburg, were the headscarf is a matter of our grandmothers. Today, it is a matter of very young girls. We’re not going to get better from it.”

the Controversy in the Netherlands

now, The obvious dislike of the imams, for the indoctrination of children is, according to Demir, a small glimmer of hope in the tv-show Nieuwsuur. “They are our allies, but they, too, need to go a step further. Their home countries need to have the origin of the Western Universal Human Rights was replaced by the “Declaration of Cairo”, is a document that is based on shari’a law and the rejection of the freedom of speech and the equality of men and women,” explains Demir from. “That must be our mosques and associations, unequivocally go and check on the permit. They have the money and influence out of those countries, which refuse to accept it. And for those who refuse to take it, we have to treat it as a part of the problem, and fight it with all legal means.”

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Nieuwsuur, and the NRC to have research carried out on learning that salafistisch or strong, it is something to be influenced by it. It turns out that teachers are in a legal system with punishments, from the sharia, the islamic law, to defend himself. In addition, children learn about what people are ‘enemies,’ or ‘unbelievers’ are. The children will also invuloefeningen, and multiple-choice questions, where you have to choose between a punishment as flogging, stoning, and killing it with a sword. Continue to teach teachers, and that young muslims need to be moving away from this “infidel land”, go to a muslim country.

Nieuwsuur, and the NRC have identified at least fifty-onderwijsplekken that salafistisch be greatly affected. Thus, it is estimated that there are more than a thousand children in the evening or at the weekend islamic classes. The Dutch intelligence service AIVD warned in its annual report that it is salafism, a fundamentalist branch of islam, within the informal setting of islamic education is still a priority.
More about the schools and the Ten klimaatacties, who works in campus Sint-Hendrik Belgium, need to invest more in the OKAN-reception classes, says UN Expert: “Lerarentekort? Allow teachers to spend hours in front of the class will be a New subject in school the importance of emotional intelligence