“I wanted to leave the Paris region. I love nature, I need greenery”, exclaims Frédérique, 66, divorced, in Ouest-France. Like so many other seniors, Frédérique organizes holidays every year, to get away from her usual daily life. But it is not an easy task, between the budget, the duration and the destination, going on a trip is sometimes an adventure. Not so easy to go on vacation with a small pension or health concerns.

In any case, this was revealed by a 2021 Ipsos study on holidays according to L’écho touristique. The study indicates that 54% of retirees do not go on vacation for lack of financial means and 17% for health reasons. If the impact of the pandemic is no longer as present as in the past two years, it nevertheless remains a marker of the choice of holidays for seniors.

Thus, compared to 2019, the number of retirees traveling abroad decreased by 9%. This is also true for cruises, which have seen their number of retired holidaymakers decrease by 17%. If 68% of seniors decide to take a vacation in 2022, it should be noted that 51% will stay in France.

All that remains is to put on your swimsuit or boots to go on vacation. According to the study, the favorite foreign destinations for seniors are Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece and Germany. Retirees prefer not to stray too far from France and particularly appreciate the coast. Here is the list of favorite destinations for retirees in 2022.