We are the Champions, Bohemian Rhapsody, I Want to Break Free… The songs of the British group Queen seem timeless… and they would be worth their weight in gold.

If the source consulted by CNN is correct, Queen’s catalog could be sold for more than $1 billion. Americans.

According to CNN, a “source familiar with music acquisition” says talks are progressing between Disney Music Group, which owns the rights to Queen’s songs, and Universal Music Group, which is interested in acquiring them.

The sale, again according to CNN, is expected to close within a month and could exceed $1 billion. If concluded in these terms, this transaction would be unprecedented. The record in this area would be held by Bruce Springsteen who, in 2021, sold the rights to his catalog for a sum of around 500 million. Sting sold his for 250 million.

When a company or firm buys the rights to a song, it receives money each time the song is listened to on digital platforms or broadcast on radio, TV or elsewhere. According to experts consulted last year by La Presse, it takes 10 to 25 years before these investments become profitable.