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click On the E40 at Jabbeke has The Verhulst, the afternoon had an accident. A Range Rover drove into a traffic jam that was formed for the road ahead. The 25-year-old Verhulst was transported to the hospital. Father: Gert Verhulst, repte shortly after the accident and at the hospital. He confirms the news to our editorial team.

The accident happened just before 17 o’clock. Due to roadworks, there is currently often a traffic jam at the place where it all happened. A delivery truck is delayed, but it was a rear hit by a Range Rover on The Verhulst. He eventually went to his car several times on the head and got to this injuries. Also, there are two other vehicles that have shared in the collapse were damage to property. The other one of the directors there were no injuries on it. (TLG)

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