iPhonemaker Apple, Microsoft is back on the throne as a U.s. company with the highest market capitalization. Apple rose on Friday due, in part, by the United States and China are closed for a partial trade, and 2.7 percent of the time. The two companies have more than $ 1 billion, a million, a million, it’s worth it on the stock market.

with the rise of Apple, the company is now 1.067,5 billion dollars. That is $ 1 billion more than Microsoft. The Windows-maker was a Friday, or 0.4 per cent higher to put.

Apple and Microsoft have been fighting longer, for the title of most expensive publicly traded company in the world. Also, Amazon followed for a period of time in the battle, however, the market value of the shop is a small, 857-billion dollars.

for example, If the United Arab staatsoliebedrijf Saudi Aramco for the show goes on, however, it is done so with the dominance of the Us tech. That the company would have 2 trillion dollars worth of it.

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