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The giant of electronic sell-through Amazon reached its historical maximum on may 21st, with a value of 2,525 usd, obtaining a great benefit during the quarantine, in which online sales have skyrocketed. And is that the online business has never defrauded his investors, as the stock Amazon have always had a good performance in the stock market. In the last 5 years have achieved a performance of 500%, outperforming the stock market index of S&P that is used to reflect the reality of the market of Wall Street in the united States. The value of shares of Amazon has risen so far this year, a 35%. And that is the business model of this place in a perfect situation to be able to continue expanding his domain, and even more so where we find ourselves in these moments.


The extension of the virus of the Covid-19 all over the world has made electronic purchases have been triggered by not being able to visit some physical stores. In addition, we must not forget that the company Jeff Bezos offers a subscription service known as Amazon Prime, in return for an annual fee, gives subscribers free shipping on certain items, at the same time benefit from access to streaming music, series and movies, as well as other kinds of deals that are only accessible to members. During the present health crisis the number of members has grown, reaching more than 150 million of users.

Although the quarantine has been less severe in the united States, the place in which it is based, the company of Bezos, has been a huge boost for your company, reaching a situation similar to the one that is lived out each year during the Black Friday . This has meant that Amazon is already in the third position of the list of companies with more value in America, that can only exceed Microsoft and Apple . But this not only happens in the united States, but has also occurred in Europe. Amazon does not lose its brightness in any of their online stores offering from food, to clothing, or entertainment in a time when consumer choices are limited.


however, the giant e-commerce has also experienced some technical problems during the period of quarantine as the lack of workers or lack of high demand items as kitchen paper or toilet, so that the deadlines affected for some weeks. Added to this was the debate that has sprung up in several european countries such as France, in which a court banned the shipments of products are not essential. Before the controversial generated in terms of the safety of the workers, the company announced on 19 may that it will invest an extensive amount to keep their workers safe with masks and other protective products, as well as improved wages.

And is that the future of the company Bezos seems to bright it will look where you look. Online shopping growing more and more every day, whether for comfort, competitive prices or the wide range of products in the same place. What is quite clear is that it has a promising future that clearly will be reflected in your stock value. It is difficult to predict the value of stocks in the long term, however, it is not difficult to see that there is not company that can do shadow of the giant market in line, and which, both long-term and perhaps short-term, is put forward as an option that can offer a great return.