the Princess Elizabeth on the occasion of her eighteenth birthday, on Friday, posed for a photo shoot. Location: the family house, the royal castle of Laeken. The photographer, Michel Gronemberger shows the two sides of the back.

She is the glamour queen of the future, and if they get the steps down in a royal blue prom dress. Behind her, the gallery is where state banquets are organized. However, she is still a student, so it shows a different picture, in which she almost casually, in jeans and sneakers on a desk. They are glancing through an old photo album that is open, it is a unique image of her father, Philip, as a toddler, along with Astrid, and Laurent. All around her are books about Africa.

Elizabeth is celebrating this Friday the age of eighteen years with an official ceremony at the royal palace.

Photos: Royal Palace/Michel Gronemberger Photo: Royal Palace/Michel Gronemberger Photo: Royal Palace/Michel Gronemberger More about Princess Elisabeth’s Birthday party, and for Elizabeth (18), live on tv, and crown princess Elisabeth, will be celebrating the 18th anniversary with a unique celebration at the royal palace At Elizabeth through the lens of a court photographer to king Philip: and crown princess will get a stamp for the eighteenth birthday, Elizabeth gets the stamp for a 18th birthday, but that still needs to be kept secret)