The ultra-right former military Jair Bolsonaro has been sworn in as the new President of Brazil. The 63-year-old Bolsonaro made on Tuesday in the Congress, his oath of office. Previously, he was driven, together with his wife Michelle in an open Rolls Royce through the capital, Brasilia. His followers Bolsonaros campaign slogan: “Brazil chanted over all, God over all.”

to populist right as a head of state in the next four years to combat the widespread corruption in the largest country in Latin America to curb crime and boost the economy. To include in his Cabinet the prominent Anti-corruption investigators, Sergio Moro, and the ultra-liberal economist Paulo Guedes.

“The USA are with you!”

“I will defend our values and the Gender-ideology fight,” said Bolsonaro in his inaugural speech and announced a “national Pact” to Brazil. In the next four years, the right wants to populist to the widespread corruption in the largest country in Latin America to fight crime curb and to boost the economy.

For his speech of the new Brazilian President also received applause from the United States. The American President Donald Trump congratulated Bolsonaro on Twitter and announced that his country’s support: “congratulations to President Jair Bosonaro, gave a great inaugural speech – the USA are with you!” Bolsonaro thanked – also on Twitter. “Under God’s protection, we will bring our people prosperity and progress.”

Bolsonaro is referred because of his confrontational and right-wing populist course, sometimes as the “Trump of Brazil”. Also in the foreign policy could be based Bolsonaro to Trump. So he has announced that the Brazilian Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, laying, as it did in the past year, the United States, and Brazil’s commitment to the Paris climate agreement.