After a freezing weekend, which will have seen among the first snowfalls on the plains this year, this start to the week is a little more clement. However, the temperatures should plunge again immediately: from Thursday December 8 and until Sunday December 11, negative temperatures will be more and more present, according to

The phenomenon will be very similar to that of the last few days, but will most likely be even more marked. The phenomenon at the origin of this cooling would be a blocking situation at the level of Greenland, which would lead to the formation of an anticyclonic cell. From Wednesday, December 7, a mass of cold air coming from the Arctic will spread to the North of France.

Not only do the forecasts indicate a very high risk of snow, even in the plains, but these flakes should even remain on the ground for a while. Indeed, the negative temperatures will last at least until next Monday.

The temperature balance for this month of December is more and more likely to be negative, as La Chaîne Météo reports. Otherwise we would be witnessing the coldest December since 2010! Currently, temperatures are already 2°C to 3°C below seasonal averages. This weekend should see the gap widen: the seasonal average should be 4°C higher than this weekend’s temperatures.

Find below all the 27 departments in which it should snow between next Friday and Sunday.