On April 4, 2023, EY-Parthenon, a strategy consulting firm, published the results of its study on the favorite brand of the French, as it does every year. Won by Picard in 2021, then Decathlon in 2022, who is the big winner of the year 2023? Check out the ranking details in our slideshow below.

To announce the winner, a ceremony was organized as every year by the Ecommerce and Marketing media brands. In partnership with Majorel, Reworld Media and Staci, the “Favorite Retailers of the French” event rewards the brands that have received the highest rate of supporters in French homes. But how are the brands in the running chosen and how is this ranking established?

For the year 2023, the site of the favorite brand of the French explains that 60,000 consumers were questioned in Europe. Among them, there are 9,500 French people. To establish the ranking, the EY-Parthenon study takes into account 18 sectors of activity so that all categories are included in the final ranking. A total of 165 brands took part in the survey.

14 assessment criteria were assessed for each sector. Among them, we find the quality of the offer, the quality-price ratio, trust, or even the after-sales service. Each person surveyed then had to give a satisfaction rating for each establishment in the running. Among these brands, some correspond to e-commerce sites. But this year, a brand was also elected “committed brand”. This is Aroma Zone offering many natural products and having opened a few stores in recent years.

Consult our slideshow below to discover the ranking of the top ten brands for the year 2023.