Theft is a daily fear for many French people. Whether in the form of a home burglary or dealing with a pickpocket, this type of theft can sometimes be expensive. When we turn to our insurance for compensation, we can sometimes discover with surprise that certain objects are not supported or that our insurance does not cover them.

To provide precise answers on coverage in the event of theft outside the home, called on Marion Plasse, content manager at the comparator lesfurets.

Marion Plasse. So-called mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop) can be covered by specific insurance in the event of theft or breakage. There are many offers on the market. By comparing, for example, you can find insurance for your iPhone from €4.90 per month with lesferets.

But before taking out specific insurance, we recommend that you consult the insurance contracts you already have. In particular, ask your bank what the insurance covers for your credit card(s).

Some credit card insurance covers stolen goods along with your means of payment, such as the theft of a handbag or luggage.

Marion Plasse. No, in general, home insurance theft coverage only covers property stolen from inside the insured home.

Items stolen from the common areas of a building, for example, are generally not covered. Ditto for your garden furniture, you must have taken out a specific guarantee in your home contract for it to be covered, generally called the “garden guarantee”.

At lesferets, we therefore recommend that you read your home insurance policy carefully to find out what is covered and where, what is not, and to reinforce it if necessary.

Some home insurance companies offer enhanced “theft” guarantees that can also protect your property outside, check with your insurer.

Marion Plasse. Yes, provided that you have taken out the dedicated guarantee which is generally called “personal effects” guarantee.

It insures against theft of personal property in your vehicle, whether it’s your luggage, your sports gear, or your phone or laptop.

The goods insured, the terms of coverage and the amounts of compensation are to be checked in your contract, they may differ depending on the formulas chosen and the insurers. Also pay attention to goods that are generally excluded: cash, valuables (jewellery, works of art…), other vehicles (electric bicycle…).

Personal effects coverage is usually included in comprehensive insurance packages, but not in other packages. Again, check with your insurer. You may be able to add this guarantee as an option in your contract.

Marion Plasse. As part of the “theft” guarantees of insurance, it should be noted that the theft of cash is generally excluded.

But, in absolute terms, most goods are insurable by specific insurance in the event of theft outside. Once again, it is important to inquire with your insurer to find an offer adapted to your needs.