Watch for the postman to arrive: if you haven’t already received it, the energy check will soon be available in your mailbox. This aid, granted subject to conditions of resources, makes it possible to pay part of the energy bills for the accommodation. “If you are eligible, you will automatically receive your energy voucher, in your name, by post at your home (it is sent to you at the last address that you indicated to the tax authorities)”, specifies the government site. With this help, you can adjust:

The first dispatches of energy checks were made on 21 April. This Tuesday, May 30 signs the final shipment in five departments that you can find in our slideshow below. You have until March 31 of the year following the issue date of the check to use it. In case of doubt, you can directly consult the validity date of the check on the latter.

As a reminder, you can request that your energy check be directly taken into account by your energy, gas or electricity supplier. The amount will be deducted from your invoices. This “will automatically activate your certificate, that is to say your additional protections associated with the energy check, on your electricity and/or gas contracts identified with your supplier”, specifies the energy check site.